JSC Okskaya Sudoverf is a modern  plant obtaining complex of manufacturing facilities sufficient for the construction of medium load-carrying capacity vessels that maintains a strong foothold on domestic and global markets.
     The plant is located on south-west of Nizhny Novgorod region, in the town of Navashino, on the Oka river and connected with Russian seaports with railroads and inland waterways. 
      The enterprise is a part of the transport company “Universal Cargo Logistics Holding”. 
      Due to its facilities and equipment  the plant  constructs vessels that meet international standards. 
      The Quality Management System of the Shipyard is certified to ISO 9001:2008. 
      The shipyard has certificates of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and Russian River Register.
     The plant specializes in shipbuilding (oil tankers and dry cargo vessels of medium load-carrying capacity  for sea and river navigation; container carriers; special-purpose vessels; barges; motor-road bridges) and metalworks.















    Адрес: Россия, 607100, Нижегородская область, г. Навашино, ул. Проезжая, 4 
    Тел. +7 (83175) 575-46 
    Факс: +7 (83175) 571-01