Company structure

JSC “Okskaya sudoverf” is a shipbuilding company with independent developed manufacturing facilities, auxilary workshops, engineering and technical services which provides the construction of modern ships.

Core workshops:

  • hull-processing shop
  • assembly and welding shop
  • hull construction shop
  • manufacture of industrial part
  • piping and mechanical installation shop
  • fitting out and painting shop
  • procuring shop
  • machining operation shop


Auxilary workshops:

  • slipway platforms
  • tool workshop
  • transport and storage shop
  • power workshop

Above mentioned core workshops provide the manufacture of main shipbuilding production.  Auxilary workshops support a big industrial and technological complex of the company.

Engineering and technical services cope with many challenges connected with shipbuilding with the help of qualified specialists. Each  subdivision of the company is provided with highly qualified personnel. There is also professional development system in the company.