The company «B.F. Tanker» commissioned the thirteenth and fourteenth tanker of the project RST27

06 June 2017
Category: Transfer customer

Okskaya sudoverf handed over to the customer - the company "B.F. Tanker (St. Petersburg) - the thirteenth and fourteenth chemical tanker of the project RST27 "Balt Fleet 14" and "Balt Fleet 15".

During the tests, reliability and vital functions of power plants, navigation and other systems of ship equipment were verified. Both tankers demonstrated full availability and excellent performance.

The RST27 project was developed by the Marine Engineering Bureau. The British Royal Society of Ship Engineers RINA twice included the RST27 project among the best ships of the year (Significant Ships of 2012 and Significant Ships of 2013). Vessels of the project RST27 satisfy the dimensions of the Volga-Don Shipping Canal and the Volga-Baltic Way. The overall length is 140.85 m, width - 16.6 m, the height of the side - 6.0 m. Relate to the tankers of the Volga-Don Max class.

The vessel of the project RST27 is designed for transportation of crude oil and petroleum products without any limitation on the flash point, as well as chemical bulk cargo. The capacity of six cargo tanks and two slop tanks is 8,100 cubic meters. M, deadweight in the sea - 7022 tons with a draft of 4.20 m, in the river with a draft of 3.60 m - a record 5420 tons, speed in operation - 11.0 knots. Crew - 12 people, seats - 14 + pilot.

Additional Information:

Okskaya sudoverf, JSC - a modern shipyard a part of division VBTH international transport group UCL Holding. The main activities of the company are shipbuilding: oil tankers and dry cargo medium-tonnage vessels of river-sea going, container ships, special vessels, barges.

UCL Holding is an international transport group consolidating a number of Russian shipping, shipbuilding, railway, stevedoring, and logistics companies. UCL Holding also includes the North-Western and Volga Shipping Companies, the company VF. Tanker, shipbuilding and logistics assets.