"Okskaya Sudoverf" 110 years!

02 October 2017
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Today, October 2, 2017, "Okskaya Sudoverf" (part of UCL Holding) celebrates the anniversary - 110 years from the day of its foundation.

The shipyard's history dates back to 1907. At the beginning of the 20th century, the largest Russian machine-building enterprise, the Kolomensk Machine-Building Plant Joint-Stock Company, which used to function primarily as a car building plant and manufacturer of steam locomotives, received large orders for the construction of oil barges. To achieve this goal, the company's management decided to create a shipyard based on its own production. And already by 1910 the shipyard became one of the leading shipbuilding enterprises of the Volga Basin. Since the fall of 1911, bridge construction was included in the range of products produced by the shipyard, and by 1912 the enterprise had become the main supplier of river barges for the Volga Basin. Over the past century, the Okskaya Shipyard has been expanded several times, re-equipped with more modern equipment, and mastered new production lines. Shipbuilding plant is still one of the leading enterprises of the country, producing a wide range of civilian vessels. Thanks to the intensive modernization carried out over the past few years, the shipyard is now equipped with a unique production complex capable of providing high-quality and timely construction of any medium-tonnage vessels, which allows it to firmly occupy one of the leading positions in the domestic and world shipbuilding market.

Over the past two years, the Okskaya Sudoverf has implemented many unique innovative projects. Among them: two ST23WI project boats for FSUE "Rosmorport", two tankers of the RST54 project for PJSC "GTLK", a tanker of the RST54 project for Alfa-Leasing LLC, a universal bunker with oil collection equipment "Ecologist" of the project 92800 for JSC "Tuapse sea trading port ", three combined vessels of the project RST54 for PJSC" GTLK "and multifunctional rescue towboat" Penay "of the TG-17 project for the FBU" Morspassluzhba Rosmorrechflot ". At the end of July this year, the enterprise launched the diversion of the sea diving vessel-catamaran "Igor Ilyin" project SDS18, featuring saturation technological systems and design solutions.

In the current year, the Okskaya Sudoverf is carrying out another stage of modernization, aimed at increasing labor productivity and reducing energy costs. At the enterprise the heating system was improved, modern technical solutions for providing oxygen and other technical gases were introduced, and the course for the maximum use of energy-saving technologies was being continued. At the main production plant is being renewed, for the procurement production, thermal cutting machines are purchased, and a new technology for making molds and regenerating cold-hardening mixtures is being introduced at the foundry and the re-equipping of the staple positions for a wide width continues up to 22 m.

Vladimir Kulikov, General Director of Okskaya Sudoverf:

- The 110-year history of our enterprise is the work of many generations of shipbuilders, and it is closely connected with the history of development of the shipbuilding industry in Russia. Today, the Okskaya Sudoverf has started a new decade in its glorious history, and I am sure that the next years of work will remain, as before, for the company a time of success and prosperity. We continue to strive to achieve the highest possible level of quality and improve the technology of construction of all produced ships. The transformations that have taken place in the shipyard in the near future will allow us to improve the production technology and provide even higher quality, efficiency and competitive conditions for cooperation for all partners and customers.