Okskaya Sudoverf commissioned the vessel-catamaran of the project SDS18

12 October 2017
Category: Transfer customer

Okskaya Sudoverf on October 12, 2017, handed over the unique multifunctional sea diving vessel-catamaran "Igor Ilyin" of the SDS18 project to the customer - the company FBI "Morspasluzhba Rosmorrechflot".
During the tests, reliability and vital functions of power plants, navigation and other systems of ship equipment were verified. The vessel demonstrated full readiness for operation and excellent performance characteristics.
The vessel "Igor Ilyin" of the SDS18 project is intended for providing diving and underwater engineering works at depths of up to 60 meters with sea waves up to 3 points. Can participate in emergency rescue and ship-raising operations, and also be used to accommodate and support the work of research parties, surveys of the bottom of water areas, sunken objects, the underwater part of ship hulls and hydraulic structures.
The designer is Marine Engineering Bureau.
The contract for the construction of the vessel-catamaran of the SDS18 project was concluded on August 31, 2016.
The launch of the vessel took place on July 26, 2017.

Additional Information:
JSC "Okskaya Sudoverf" is a modern shipbuilding enterprise as part of the VBTH division of the international transport group UCL Holding. The main activities of the enterprise are shipbuilding: oil-loading and dry-cargo medium-tonnage mixed vessels, container ships, special vessels, barges.
UCL Holding is an international transport group consolidating a number of Russian shipping, shipbuilding, railway, stevedoring, and logistics companies. UCL Holding also includes the North-Western and Volga Shipping Companies, the company "VF. Tanker, shipbuilding and logistics assets.