The Okskaya Sudoverf launched a new oxygen station

21 December 2016
Category: Modernization

As part of the modernization of production Okskaya Sudoverf(part of the UCL Holding) has commissioned the installation of oxygen, delivered Russia's largest manufacturer of industrial, food, medical and special gases of "Linde Gas Rus", included in the international industrial group The Linde Group.

As a result of technical re-replacement of obsolete equipment reduced energy costs, freeing additional capacity for future upgrades.

Modernization of the oxygen plant is one of the steps undertaken by the enterprise comprehensive program to modernize and improve the efficiency of production, aimed at reducing costs and improving product quality.

Additional Information:

JSC Okskaya sudoverf - a modern shipyard a part of division VBTH international transport group UCL Holding. The main activities of the company are shipbuilding: oil tankers and dry cargo medium-tonnage vessels of river-sea going, container ships, special vessels, barges.

UCL Holding - an international transport group, consolidating a number of Russian shipping, shipbuilding, rail, stevedoring and logistics companies. The composition of UCL Holding also includes the North-West and Volga Shipping company "VF Tanker ", a series of shipyards and cruise assets.