The Okskaya Sudoverf launched the second project boat 21270

10 August 2017
Category: Vessel descent

August 10 this year. At the Okskaya Sudoverf  (part of UCL Holding), a solemn ceremony of launching the second raiding motor boat "IOANN KRONSHTADSKY" project 21270 was held.

Representatives of the customer, the Almaz design bureau, business partners of the Okskaya Sudoverf for the project, the administration of the Navashino district and the Nizhny Novgorod region, as well as employees of the enterprise and residents of the city took part in the event.

The godmother of the vessel was the representative of the customer Pankova Olga.

Boat "IOANN KRONSHTADSKY" project 21270 is designed to provide business trips. The area of ​​use of the boat is the coastal zone of the Black Sea with a distance from the exit point to 50 miles.

Vladimir Kulikov, General Director of Okskaya Sudoverf :

- "IOANN KRONSHTADSKY" is the second vessel of project 21270, built by our company. The boat of this class of complexity is unique in many ways, it is distinguished by its fullness with modern technological solutions, a unique feature of the construction of the hull transitions and outlines. During the construction process, at all stages of the Okskaya Sudoverf , the highest technology was applied, the use of which became available to the enterprise due to the modernization of the production carried out last year. Including these are the newest welding methods, which allow creating reliable structures and ensuring the plasticity of the weld metal with the necessary wear resistance. Today, the Okskaya Sudoverf is a modern dynamically developing enterprise capable of solving complex technical and technological problems in a short time and preserving a high level of quality, and issuing vessels of different levels of design that meet international standards. I wish the ship and its team a long and successful work.

Extreme length, m
Extreme breadth, m
Extreme draft, m
Abt. 1,6
Full-load displacement, tons
Abt. 110
Deadweight :
Full battle speed, knots
Service speed, knots
Seagoing capacity in acc.with navigation safety, balls
Passengers capacity:
navigation of2 days or less with sleeping accommodation
12 persons
short-term navigation
20 persons

The contract for the construction of the second boat of the project 21270 was concluded on February 25, 2016.

The ship's designer is Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau.


Additional Information:

Okskaya Shipyard JSC is a modern shipbuilding enterprise as part of the VBTH division of the international transport group UCL Holding. The main activities of the enterprise are shipbuilding: oil-loading and dry-cargo medium-tonnage mixed vessels, container ships, special vessels, barges. In 2015, the Oka Shipyard became the second largest shipbuilding enterprise in Russia in terms of the total tonnage of built ships.

UCL Holding is an international transport group consolidating a number of Russian shipping, shipbuilding, railway, stevedoring and logistics companies. The group also includes the North-Western and Volga Shipping Companies, the company "VF. Tanker, shipbuilding and logistics assets.