Okskaya Sudoverf new equipment for thermal cutting

04 August 2017
Category: Modernization

As part of the modernization program for the renewal of fixed assets, Okskaya Sudoverf (part of UCL Holding) has signed a contract for the delivery of the Thermal cutting machine (MTR).

The new equipment is designed for cutting the entire range of sheet metal used in shipyard production. Investments in the project amounted to about 9 million rubles. The equipment was supplied by the Russian company TekhmontazhSistem.

The equipment includes two ventilated cutting tables and a rail track, as well as a specialized numerical control system (CNC).

Vladimir Kulikov, General Director of Okskaya Sudoverf: "The thermal cutting machine is designed for instant and accurate cutting of metal sheets. The new equipment will allow our company to significantly reduce the time of metal processing, to reduce the amount of production waste and to increase the degree of control over the cutting process. "

The new thermal cutting machine will be installed at the end of 2017 in the procurement shop for shipbuilding and will be used in the manufacture of ship hull parts and special machinery orders.


Okskaya Sudoverf JSC is a modern shipbuilding enterprise as part of the VBTH division of the international transport group UCL Holding. The main activities of the enterprise are shipbuilding: oil-loading and dry-cargo medium-tonnage mixed vessels, container ships, special vessels, barges. In 2015, the Okskaya Sudoverf became the second largest shipbuilding enterprise in Russia in terms of the total tonnage of built ships.

UCL Holding is an international transport group consolidating a number of Russian shipping, shipbuilding, railway, stevedoring, and logistics companies. The navigational and shipbuilding division also includes the North-Western and Volga Shipping Companies, the company "V.F. Tanker, shipbuilding and logistics assets.