Okskaya Sudoverf obtained a patent for a state-of-the-art pontoon complex

18 January 2019
Category: Modernization

The construction of mobile bridges is among the priority activities of Okskaya Sudoverf. Having undergone modernization, the shipyard’s production facilities can manufacture state-of-the-art products of high quality and of customer tailored design. The shipyard’s products are in demand among oil and gas companies, rescue services, authorities of regions where bridge crossings are to be built in challenging conditions.

A unique feature of the solution offered by Okskaya Sudoverf specialists is a special design of junctions, which guarantees fail-safe joint even in extreme conditions. “The company’s engineers has found a principally new solution – screw coupling mechanism. In the result, we have ensured smooth connection of pontoon units in all weather conditions”, comments O. Sasin, engineer, one of the project designers.

With its universal design, PTK-2 can be used for construction of bridge crossing of any length and period of operation as well as for building of non-self-propelled ferry crossings with cargo capacity of up to 60 tonnes.

The shipyard is currently carrying out the delivery of PTK-2 intended for a bridge across the Oka river in the Ryazan Region with a number of similar projects being in the process of approval. The company continues its work to improve the structure of bridges taking into consideration the customers’ demands, enhance their performance and reducing their cost.

Okskaya Sudoverf Shipyard JSC is a modern shipbuilding enterprise and a subsidiary of VBTH division of UCL Holding specialising in the construction of oil tankers, medium-tonnage dry bulk carriers of mixed 'river-sea' sailing, containerships, special crafts and barges. In 2015, the Company became the second largest shipyard in Russia in terms of total tonnage of completed and delivered newbuildings.

UCL Holding (Universal Cargo Logistics Holding) is an international transportation group consolidating a number of Russian shipping, shipbuilding, railway, stevedoring and logistic companies. VBTH also comprises North-Western Shipping Company, Volga Shipping Company, V.F. Tanker, shipbuilding and logistics assets.