The Okskaya Sudoverf sent the second raiding motor boat of project 21270 to sea trials

30 August 2017
Category: Sending test

On August 30, 2017, the water area of ​​the Okskaya Sudoverf (part of UCL Holding) left the second raiding motor boat of project 21270. The vessel will proceed to further pass trials and hand over to the customer.
The boat is designed to provide service trips. The area of ​​use of the vessel is the coastal zone of the Black Sea with a distance from the exit point to 50 miles.
The ship's designer is the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz".
The contract with theOkskaya Sudoverf for the construction of the vessel was concluded on February 25, 2016. The launch took place on August 10, 2017.

Additional Information:
JSC Okskaya Sudoverf is a modern shipbuilding enterprise as part of the VBTH division of the international transport group UCL Holding. The main line of business is shipbuilding: oil-loading and dry-cargo medium-tonnage mixed vessels, container ships, special vessels, barges.
UCL Holding is an international transport group consolidating a number of Russian shipping, shipbuilding, railway, stevedoring and logistics companies. UCL Holding also includes the North-Western and Volga Shipping Company, the company "VF. Tanker, a number of shipbuilding assets.