Okskaya Sudoverf: shipping companies are most interested in RSD59 project

15 November 2017
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In November 2017, the Okskaya Sudoverf (part of UCL Holding) conducts a series of traditional meeting-presentations for partners and customers.

The company's management negotiates with representatives of several shipping companies interested in building medium- and large-tonnage vessels. After the meeting in 2015-2017. scale modernization of production, which affected the entire technological chain, today the Okskaya Sudoverf is a flexible and efficient production capable of implementing a variety of complex and responsible projects with high quality and minimal costs. The ship designs are modernized taking into account the individual business needs of customers. The first meeting in 2017 with a demonstration of the company's extensive production capabilities took place on November 14.

Within the framework of the meeting, the management of the Okskaya Sudoverf presented the projects of the courts, which attracted the greatest interest from potential customers in the last year. All vessels meet the modern building capabilities of the shipyard and the parameters of transportation by inland waterways from the enterprise to the customer.

The greatest interest among the guests of the meetings is the project RSD59 - a multi-purpose dry cargo vessel. The project belongs to the class of "Volga-Don Max" and has the maximum dimensions for the Volga-Don canal.

"Today, the production capacity of the Okskaya Sudoverf allows you to build up to 10-12 class vessels" Volga-Don Max "per year. Technological capabilities of the enterprise are more than enough to work with a variety of orders, including in terms of building a fishing fleet and complex unique vessels, "Denis Samsikov, the company's executive director, said in a presentation.

RSD59 vessels can be used for transportation of general, bulk, container, timber, grain and bulky, dangerous cargo. The area of ​​operation of vessels includes the Caspian, Mediterranean, Black, Baltic, White, Northern Seas, including flights around Europe and the Irish Sea in winter.


Okskaya Sudoverf is a modern shipbuilding enterprise as part of the VBTH division of the International Transport Group UCL Holding. The main activity of the enterprise is shipbuilding (oil-loading and dry-cargo medium-tonnage mixed vessels, container ships, special vessels, barges). In 2015, the Okskaya Sudoverf became the second largest shipbuilding enterprise in Russia in terms of the total tonnage of built ships.

UCL Holding is an international transport group consolidating a number of Russian shipping, shipbuilding, railway, stevedoring and logistics companies. UCL Holding also includes the North-Western and Volga Shipping Companies, the company "VF. Tanker, shipbuilding and logistics assets.