Oil tankers

Project ROB20

Class:  O 2,0 non-self-propelled tanker

Purpose: transportation of petroleum products with a flashpoint of 61 ° C and above, the main cargo is fuel oil.

Designer: Marine Engineering Bureau

Main dimension:

Overall length, m 118,79
Length between perpendiculars, m 117,90
Length according to KVL, m 117,775
Width overall, m 22,80
Width is calculated, m 22,60
Height of the side to the main deck, m 3,00
Trunk height, m 1,00
Board height, m 4,00
Draft, m 2,75
Deadweight at draft of 2.75 m, t 6013
Sludge tank capacity, m3 340
Capacity of cargo tanks, m3 6530
The maximum capacity of cargo tanks (include a settling tank No. 1 and a discharge shaft), m3 6860