Special vessels

Multi-sea diving vessel catamaran

Class: KM  Ice1 R1 AUT3-ICS OMBO DYNPOS-1 Catamaran Special purpose ship

Purpose: to provide diving and underwater work at depths up to 60 meters at sea state up to 3 points, participation in rescue and salvage operations, deployment and maintenance of works of research parties in the amount of installed hardware, examination sea-bottom, wrecks, underwater hulls of vessels (ships) and hydraulic structures, ensuring operation of small-sized remote-controlled submersibles at sea state up to 3 points.

Designer: Marine Engineering Bureau

Basic Dimension

Length overall, m 46,20
Overall length to the body, m 45,00
Length between perpendiculars, m 43,20
Maximum breadth, m 13,72
Breadth, m 13,50
Breadth of the housing, m 4,40
Depth, m 4,20
Draft waterline,m 2,00
Draft by SLWL, m 2,50
Deadweight at draft at waterline (about), t 80
Deadweight at draft at SLWL (about), t 262
Endurance, days 25
Crew / Places / Special personnel, person 7/12/18
Speed, knots 11,5
Gross tonnage, GT 761