Dry-cargo vessel

Multipurpose dry-cargo vessel RSD59

Class: KM Ice2(hull; power) R2 АUT1-ICS BWM(T) CONT (deck, cargo holds Nos.1,2) DG (bulk, pack)

Purpose: - sea and mixed (river-sea) carrying of the general and bulk cargoes (including grain), packaged lumber, timber, scrap-metal, bunched and rolled steel, large-dimension and heavy-weight cargoes, coil, hazardous cargoes of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, 9 in accordance with IMDG Code and category "B" cargoes from IMSBC Code.

Area of ​​operation: sea areas conforming to restricted navigation

area R2, internal waterways of Russia with account of limitations, include Volgo-Balt and Volgo-Don.

Designer: Marine Engineering Bureau.

Main characteristics:

Length overall, m


Breadth, m


Depth, m


Draught (in sea / in river), m

4.706 / 3.60

Deadweight (in sea / in river) (about), t

7949 / 5121

ME power, kW

2 x 1200

Container capacity (holds / deck), TEU

248 (192 / 56)

Speed (at draft d = 4.5 m and 100% MCR), knots

10.2 ±0.2